SAS Administrator



Company Overview

Impressive Communications is an IT System Integrator that delivers results-driven solutions to businesses. We work closely with customers to understand their digitalisation needs and help them achieve their business goals through effective requirement gathering and project delivery strategies.

What You’ll Do

  • Able to import and export raw data, add and extract information from various databases. To manage and maintain databases containing large quantities of information. This includes backing up data and compiling it into statistics that show specifics.
  • Design and write programs to create various data sets including tables, lists, and graphs that display the specific information the company wants to see.
  • Analyse data and statistics to find market trends, discover demographic breakdowns, and locate other relevant business information.
  • Develop and improve existing reports and data interfaces using SAS.
  • Convert existing SAS code into high quality SAS code that is efficient (fast), automated, maintainable, and follows industry best practices. A better understanding of SAS coding, information maps, stored processes, web reports, and SAS administration. Assist with SAS administration including performance tuning and scheduling programs.
  • Must be knowledgeable of best practices using SAS (enterprise guide, stored processes, information maps, and web reports studio). Know programming in SAS and the SAS Macro language in UNIX/Window/Mainframe environment; SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution design and development of reports;
  • Knowledge in Enterprise Guide, Data Integration Studio and, metadata security; Proficiency in SQL and Oracle/DB2 databases, analytical skills and technical knowledge required in one or more higher level programming languages.
  • Tests and maintains data integrity across multiple databases (internal SAS, DB2, VSAM; external: Adobe, Excel, SAS parsing routines etc).
  • Builds and maintains complex statistical SAS routines using macros, vendor software, and software written by self and others.
  • Designs research plans for data gathering and analysis; participates significantly in interpreting analyses and developing action plans accordingly
  • Having knowledge in Cloudera Hadoop is add on.
  • Will be expected to mentor colleagues and be proactive in developing colleague skill sets to have
  • Create daily operations reports that present relevant data to all levels of management.
  • Serves as liaison between the SAS Developers and enterprise infrastructure support teams to ensure appropriate delivery of technology solutions (performance tuning, data modeling, capacity and utilization, backups, disaster recovery, user support, training and documentation) in accordance with business requirements and objectives.
  • Ensures the overall health of the SAS platform and servers. SAS Monitoring tools.
  • Perform new installation as necessary at server and Client side.
  • Applies maintenance releases, upgrades and hot fixes as required.
  • Designs solutions to reduce the operational and management complexity of the platform. Designs, implements, and maintains platform security via SAS Metadata and IBM AIX.
  • Performs platform capacity planning and management.
  • Serves as an escalation point for escalated production and/or platform issues. Technical Lead and global point of contact for all SAS Administrator related projects and activities. Provide all levels of technical and application support; incident management (Level 1, 2 and 3); address user, application and data issues. Executing change control and promotions activities.
  • Establishes best practices and guidelines for usage of the SAS platform.
  • Provide leadership and direction as it relates to design and implementation for the SAS platform. Own and drive the SAS Product patching and release upgrade activity and act as liaison to SAS for any support issues.
  • Provide maintenance and support for SAS products during deployment, upgrade and any changes to SAS products and/ or during other enterprise activities that impact SAS infrastructure. Manage and track SAS products inventory and license updates for SAS servers and end users. Establish best practices for administering and interpreting sources of data.
  • Manage the configuration support and maintenance of the SAS platform.
  • Oversee, recommend and implement appropriate solutions and enhancements to ensure an improvement in system reliability and performance.
  • Monitor usage logs to assist in performance tuning of the systems and servers.
  • Conform to system architecture standards and practices and work with outsourced suppliers as required to keep up to date with enabling technologies.
  • Interface directly with various IT functional areas as it pertains to SAS Administration.
  • Address other IT tasks as assigned by supervisor. Monitor the overall availability and performance of the current SAS technology server environments and take corrective actions as necessary to insure peak operational performance.
  • Work with the SAS user community; perform periodic code reviews to ensure that SAS applications are utilizing efficient design principles and adhering to internally published best practices.
  • Provide solution assistance to ensure that the most appropriate SAS technology is selected to satisfy the business requirement and to provide user assistance during early phases of the project lifecycle.
  • Contribute to the development of standards and operating procedures for the SAS environments and the development of new service offerings to ensure that the user community receives the highest levels of support.
  • Responsible for providing SAS technical support to end users and implementing new SAS technical solutions including: Helping to establish coding standards and best practices.
  • Supporting SAS developers with coding issues. Handling SAS Access management for users. Monthly backup user roles To performed PostgreSQL database Maintenance regularly to achieve optimum performance. The following are the tasks:
    1. Vacuuming
    2. Updating planner statistics
    3. Reindexing
  • To maintain existing project created at SAS platform. To unlock project id by killing user sessions and ensure job flows is running every month and data came in perfectly in SAS Data Mart. Data received from Data Lake populate correct total numbers of data at Data Mart side. To check the pattern of data came in from each source. To ensure all data flows correctly up to GUI and VA level.
  • To restart and stop services when it fails.
  • To ensure the servers capacity enough to cater current jobs. In a way to have less than 70% capacity. To ensure the scheduled housekeep script on the growing log files is running.
  • To perform Yearly security assessment and Disaster Recovery.

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