ICT Solutions for
Human Excellence

Attaining a world-class level in the knowledge-based and information technology era of today.

Enterprise Asset Management

Reduce Downtime and Costs

Optimise and automate asset management and maintenance to improve operational performance.

Extend Asset Lifecycles

Enhance return on assets with financial and performance analytics.

Optimise Maintenance
Work Processes

Build preventive and prescriptive approaches for your journey to predictive maintenance.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Increased Efficiency

Automates many manual tasks involved in contract management, such as drafting, reviewing, approval workflows, and tracking deadlines.

Improved Compliance

Equipped with features that ensure contracts adhere to regulatory requirements and internal policies.

Enhanced Visibility and Control

Stakeholders gain real-time visibility into the status of contracts at every stage of the lifecycle.

Application & System Development

Custom Build

Design that matches the needs of businesses and reinforce users’ productivity.

Customer-Centric Workflow

Manage responsibilities across all levels while emphasising progress and saturation of information.

Scalable Enhancement

Design principles that cater current and forecasted traffic while ensuring cost optimised business growth.

A strong dedication to above industry standards with relation to quality of finished product, construction methodology, innovation, time performance, safety and client relationship.

Network, Cloud and Security Solution


Our team of experts builds a robust network foundation for your application or enterprise solution, ensuring smooth performance and secure data flow.


We leverage a pool of cloud resources to provide a scalable powerhouse for growth. Your applications and solutions seamlessly adapt to your needs with our expert cloud solutions.

Security Solution

Our team prioritizes security using industry-leading practices. We create an unbreakable shield, protecting your valuable data and applications from cyber threats.

Professional Workforce & Talent Solution

Future-Proof Talent Pipelines

Uncover top talent, even passive candidates, to build a strong pool for long-term success.

Attract Top Performers

Go beyond job boards to reach highly skilled professionals who can make a real impact.

Multi-Channel Sourcing

We cast a wider net using diverse methods to find the perfect fit, wherever they are.

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Project Management Powerhouse

P6 is a software tool designed to help organizations plan, manage, and control projects, programs, and portfolios. It’s known for its ability to handle complex projects across various industries, from construction to IT.

Scheduling and Resource Control

A key strength of P6 is its scheduling and resource management capabilities. It allows you to create detailed project schedules, allocate resources effectively, and track progress against the plan.

Collaboration and Scalability

P6 facilitates collaboration among project team members and provides multi-user access to project data. It’s scalable to handle large projects with numerous tasks and resources.

Business Support Services (BSS) Solution

Cloud-Native and Modern

CompaxDigital BSS is a modern Business Support System (BSS) platform built for the cloud. This makes it scalable, flexible, and easier to manage compared to traditional BSS solutions.

Microservices Architecture

It utilizes a microservices architecture, meaning the platform is built from independent, modular components. This allows for greater flexibility and easier customization to fit specific business needs.

Process Automation

At its core, CompaxDigital BSS focuses on automating business processes. This can streamline tasks like order management, customer service, and billing, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

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