Impressive Communications provides a full spectrum of services and solutions that customer need throughout the record management life-cycle – from document storage and retrieval, to digital conversion and secured destruction.

Our internally developed Enterprise Records Management System (ERMS) act as an enterprise records management system where by documents/records can be archived electronically in accordance with the context and regulations. Each item of information stored by ERMS application can be accessed by users with fast and accurate.

Our ERMS has its own specialty. It enables users to search, manage and keep a record of the information that has been archived.

Its key features among other are:-

  • Safety and Protection

The data will be stored, encrypt and only authorize user can access the data that has been saved.

  • NoSQL

Search using the index and does not require any type of database.

  • Fastest Access

We use leading technology search engines namely SOLR. The data can be achieved in less than 1 second to 2.7 million data at the time of 5 milliseconds.

  • Search is relevant to what is required.

The search results are required to be in the top position on the first page or search results list.

  • Web Based System

Ease of full access through internet access

  • Creating Link

Users can create a link (link) into another medium such as a website portal and social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

  • One for All

Using a single search to find the necessary information or data

  • User Friendly

Has an interesting interface for users to interact with the system and easy to understand.

Why Impressive Communications?

Impressive Communications is a forward moving and a “world class” player in today’s era of knowledge based and information technology. Impressive Communications works collaboratively with its clients and partners to provide step by step customised solutions and the“Best of world class” technology in order to actualize human excellence.

Our goal is to provide “ICT Solution for Human Excellence”. We strongly believe that when our customers succeed, we will naturally succeed as well.

Having skilled consultants and professionals, Impressive Communications uses the right technologies and method to perform as a team to solve the business challenges of our clients. With the right people skilled and expertise available in the company, we are able to provide expertise and services in the area of Record Management and Archiving to support for high-volume records repository requirement in an organisation.

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