Impressive Communications Sdn Bhd offers a full line of network planning, design and architecture development, monitoring and maintenance. Our team has extensive experience supporting clients with network design and cyber security, network hardware and software migration issues, and online network documentation. Our capabilities include the following:


  • Site planning and development of infrastructure and design
  • Network engineering and configuration network topology,
  • Capacity planning,
  • Development of network standards
  • Integration with the Internet/Intranet (including secured sub-nets and firewall systems),
  • Implementation of Network Security and protective measures,
  • Determining future technology considerations,
  • Planning for integration collaborative applications with existing network infrastructures to include wireless networks,
  • Creating and maintaining online network infrastructure documentation,
  • Consulting on network issues related to federal and private industry initiatives to provide access to federal procurement organizations via electronic commerce, and
  • Video Conferencing Support Services
  • VTC Capability planning
  • Design, engineering and installation support
    Configuration and Operations.


Our network engineers and administrators go beyond merely assuring that systems are operable. Impressive implements standard operating procedures to collect relevant use and capacity information to analyse system performance against planned capacity and throughput objectives, and to determine trends and advise clients relative to planning and budgeting hardware and infrastructure upgrades.

Why Impressive Communications?

Impressive Communications is a forward moving and a“world class” player in today’s era of knowledge based and information technology. Impressive Communications works collaboratively with its clients and partners to provide step by step customized solutions and the “Best of world class” technology in order to actualize human excellence.

Our goal is to provide “ICT Solution for Human Excellence”. We strongly believe that when our customers succeed, we will naturally succeed as well.

Having skilled consultants and professionals, Impressive Communications uses the right technologies and method to perform as a team to solve the business challenges of our clients. With the right people skilled and expertise available in the company,

Impressive Communications is able to provide expertise and services in the area of Automated Document Production (ADP) to support for high-speed and high throughput printing requirements of printing companies.Feel free to contact us at for more details