Impressive Communications provides comprehensive end-to-end Automated High- Speed Digital Printing & Mailing Production which covers the following areas –

  • Print Centre Control and Management
  • Document Composition Development
  • Document Composition Production
  • Print Jobs Processing and Monitoring
  • High-Speed Printing System
  • High-Speed Insertion System
  • Audit Trail and Quality Control

Impressive Communications provides design architecture for high throughput requirements for printing that can gives competitive advantages in terms of productivity, flexibility, quality and cost of printing to our Customers. Together with our industry leading technology partners such as Nipson, CMC, Lake Image and GMC, we facilitate an unparalleled range of applications for High-Speed Digital Printing Production.

Our High-Speed Digital Printing & Mailing Production is a host of facilities for control and management of print-to-post jobs. This includes job collection, printing,insertion and delivery. Along this, the system must be able to keep track of status at different stages and assure quality.

It provides a one-stop reporting functions. All information captured during production is accessible by other modules such as for data capture, production scheduling, service management, delivery management, accounting, and management reports.

This facility is able to reduce human or manual intervention at all stages. Among the areas of this concern are to eliminate manual data entry, manual verification for printing and insertion. This will provide assurance in terms of quantity, quality & integrity of final products (mail pieces).

Why Impressive Communications?

Impressive Communications is a forward moving and a “world class” player in today’s era of knowledge based and information technology. Impressive Communications works collaboratively with its clients and partners to provide step by step customized solutions and the “Best of world class” technology in order to actualize human excellence.

Our goal is to provide “ICT Solution for Human Excellence”. We strongly believe that when our customers succeed, we will naturally succeed as well.Having skilled consultants and professionals, Impressive Communications uses the right technologies and method to perform as a team to solve the business challenges of our clients. With the right people skilled and expertise available in the company, Impressive Communications is able to provide expertise and services in the area of Automated Document Production (ADP) to support for high-speed and high throughput printing requirements of printing companies.

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