RFID Base Solutions

RFID technologies can use any one or more of numerous public and private wave frequencies. Each wave frequency has its own strengths and weaknesses that need to be recognized and accounted for in the design and implementation of any RFID system. Simply just because you heard that Low Frequency is the right frequency for tagging metal objects does not mean that it is the right frequency for your application.

Partnering with SkyRFID as a RFID solutions provider, we are able to provide a turnkey solutions for many vertical markets. Our solutions is proven, robust and able to cater even a complex requirements such as weapons management systems.

Weapons Management

Weapons and other high value assets such as body armour, night vision optics, and specialized communications equipment are used by many organizations including Military, Police, Private Forces, Security and Manufacturers. To ensure optimum readiness and safe keeping of these high value assets, there is a need for a secured enclosure, managed by an automated system to minimize the risk of theft, accidental loss, and any other error or misuse of these assets.

Weapons and other high value assets stored within the secured enclosure are electronically identified for receipts, issues and other asset/inventory management functions using passive RFID tags. These passive RFID tags are permanently attached in such a way as not to effect the use of the asset. Larger and more valuable assets additionally use an active RFID tag for 100% assurance the asset is not moved, taken or used without express authorization.

The passive RFID tags are small and compact; designed to be invisible within the asset or almost invisible when mounted externally. This small compact design provides a short read range that cannot be intercepted by others when in active use.

The active RFID tags are hidden within the asset and provide long term, long range electronic identification of the asset to guarantee the asset location is known at all times. Active tag RF transmissions are short burst and encrypted to eliminate the potential of others intercepting the data and possibly being able to locate the tagged asset.

All tagged assets entering or leaving the facility are automatically registered in the weapons management system as coming in or leaving by RFID door portals. This provides enhanced security monitoring and tracking of all tagged assets.

Why Impressive Communications?

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