Complete linen management and tracking system for small, large or multiple group hotels or hospitals, covering delivery scheduling, linen tracking, stock management and delivery records, with extensive delivery, cost, stock and department reporting, along with best practice benchmarking and user favorite customization. There is also a detailed security system and multi-site comparison reporting. Users may enter data directly into the web application or from upload of mobile handheld computers, tablets and smartphones.

Linenweb® RFID Item Tracking System is the optimal solution for Linen Loss Elimination. It tracks each step of the linen process to identify exact areas where losses are occurring. This will then allow management to take appropriate action to stop losses from continuing.

The system can also be integrated into a range of other systems such as:

  • Security Systems – Scanning the RFID tags activates alarms or security cameras which can then record the item movement
  • Billing Systems – Scanning of items leaving the main hotel exit can activate a charge onto a guest account for the lost assets
  • Laundry Systems – Removal of linen items from hotel/ hospital stock locations creates an automatic replacement order on the laundry

In addition, the RFID system can be used to track other assets such as crockery, laptop computers, room fixtures (televisions, coffee makers, telephones etc). Inventory audits can be done quickly using RFID enabled mobile units, which have a 1.5 metre (5 foot) scan range and can capture results by “waving” the mobile unit across the shelves or area to be scanned. A similar process can also be used by Housekeeping to register linen to room/ guest as each room is made up and alert reception as each room becomes ready.

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