Impressive Communications’ Data Center Professional Consulting Services can help customers to build a responsive IT infrastructure including networks, data centers and messaging systems to meet the critical needs of today’s businesses. IMPRESSIVE has extensive methodologies for architecting, integrating and testing the infrastructure solutions. We also offer IT infrastructure assessment and audit services, which help you realign your IT infrastructure to meet your growing and changing business requirements.

Our broad offerings are:

Systems Integration

Our consulting services cover the entire range of data center requirement analysis and design. Our systems integration capabilities address the complete life cycle of a solution, from requirements analysis through solution development, installation, roll out, acceptance testing, end user training and vendor management. Our service areas include servers, storage area networks, load balancing solutions, high availability solutions, security framework and disaster recovery planning.

Network Integration

As organizations move to broader networks with more sophisticated technologies, IT professionals report increased downtime for networks. Our network consulting and integration professionals can help you develop management processes that prevent these problems.

Our consultants have the insight to help you design a strategy that supports evolving technologies. A well-planned network design enables you to build from your initial investment, saving time and money when you move to performance-enhancing technologies in the future.

We begin by assessing your existing network structure and can design a solution that supports your data, image and voice communications needs. We manage installation and monitor your system’s performance to verify that your network meets its desired goals.

Our professionals have extensive expertise with networking technology and products from all major vendors such as Cisco, Huawei, Genband, and HP so that we can help you plan, implement and support your multi-vendor network infrastructure

We provide:

  • Network Architecture services to assess your current network infrastructure, understand your current and future networking needs, and formulate a network strategy and solution design to meet your e-business needs.
  • Network Integration services to plan and implement your networking solution, including project management, installation planning, product installation and customization.
  • Remote network outsourcing services to improve your network availability through remote monitoring, performance reporting and problem, change and configuration management

Data Centre Infrastructure Implementation

Data Centre – Design & Implementation

Data centre is the heart of the organization’s information flow. Whether you’re setting up a new data centre, upgrading your existing one or just looking to improve all-round performance we can deliver secure, uninterrupted access, enhanced responsiveness and higher returns on investment in a multi-vendor environment.

Data Center Management

We offer the complete spectrum of data center management services that can help your organization capitalize on business opportunities and result in real improvements in profitability. These range from technical and change management support to process optimization and disaster recovery.

Server Consolidation

Our server consolidation services have delivered measurable business benefits to clients including reduced complexity and TCO, improved control and security and reduced space requirements. We look at logical, physical and rationalized consolidation for progressively greater net operational savings and greater end-user benefits.

Server Backup and Management

Our expert teams help you manage your server environment and backup requirements effectively by administering and fine tuning server parameters.

Storage Management

Given today’s runaway storage growth and costs, organizations must proactively manage their storage just like they manage other valuable and limited company resources. At IMPRESSIVE, we can help you design, implement and monitor an effective Storage Resource Management Policy.

Why Impressive Communications?

Impressive Communications is a forward moving and a“world class” player in today’s era of knowledge based and information technology. We work collaboratively with our clients and partners to provide step by step customized
solutions and the “Best of world class” technology in order to actualize human excellence.

Our goal is to provide “ICT Solution for Human Excellence”. We strongly believe that when our customers succeed, we will naturally succeed as well.

Having skilled consultants and professionals, we use the right technologies and method to perform as a team to solve the business challenges of our clients. With the right people skilled and expertise available in the company, we are able to provide professional services in the area of Infrastructure Management,Systems and Network Integration to ensure for continuous operation and availability for IT infrastructure for our customers.

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