Value Engineer



Company Overview

Impressive Communications is an IT System Integrator that delivers results-driven solutions to businesses. We work closely with customers to understand their digitalisation needs and help them achieve their business goals through effective requirement gathering and project delivery strategies.

What You’ll Do

  • Identify customer pain points’ associated with existing product/services features (value discovery)
  • Define and quantify business value of ICT Digital products/services
  • Produce value identification that can be measured using specific parameter that suit to digital value framework
  • Reassess the value identification and value measurement
  • Conduct knowledge sharing with digital peers on outcome of value assessmen
  • Identify & implement best practice for value creation & realization tracking
  • Provide reporting to management on value creation & value realization
  • Consult & coach team on value framework delivery
  • Advocate continuous improvement culture across the API delivery and usage to meet continuous improvement goals and targets.

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