Solution Architect (OT)


Corporate Engineering Solutions

Company Overview

Impressive Communications is an IT System Integrator that delivers results-driven solutions to businesses. We work closely with customers to understand their digitalisation needs and help them achieve their business goals through effective requirement gathering and project delivery strategies.

What You’ll Do

  • Understand, advocate and augment the principles of business and IT/OT and more specifically enterprise architecture (EA) strategies. Understand, advocate and augment the principles of information technology strategies.
  • Understand, advocate and augment the principles of operation technology strategies.
    Analyze and plan for IT/OT alignment in areas of architecture, governance, security, software management, and data center hosting, support and software acquisition.
  • Analyze enterprise business context (trends and business strategy) to derive IT/OT technical and solution architecture.
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for IT & OT convergence for digital business transformation. Include specific IT/OT data integration projects that will have positive outcomes as a result of sharing data
  • Analyze the current application and technology environment to detect critical deficiencies and recommend solutions for improvement.
  • Analyze technology industry and market trends, and determine their potential impact on the enterprise.
  • “Sell” the enterprise architecture process, its outcome and ongoing results.
  • Define the principles that guide technology & solution decisions for the enterprise.
  • Design and lead the implementation of enterprise IT & OT solution architecture based on business requirements and to rectify gaps and pain points within the current state.
  • Assist with designing the governance activities associated with ensuring enterprise IT & OT solution architecture compliance.
  • Oversee or consult on enterprise IT & OT solution architecture (for example, systems) implementation and modification activities (for example, projects), particularly for new and/or shared infrastructure solutions.
  • Oversee and facilitate the evaluation and selection of hardware and software technology and product standards, as well as the design of standard configurations.
  • Consult on application or infrastructure development projects to fit systems or infrastructure to the enterprise IT & OT solution architecture, and identify when it is necessary to modify the architecture to accommodate project needs.
  • Identify the organizational impact (for example, on skills, processes, structures and culture) and financial impact of the enterprise IT & OT solution architecture.
  • Document necessary solution architecture design, technical architecture design and analysis work, possibly including project postmortem documentation and metric collection.

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